Travelogue "Ameland" September 2006 & 2010

We preferred the Frisian island of Ameland destination where we stayed about 5 days in the village of Nes, centrally located on the island. Here lies the apartment Ameland State , well outside the center on the beach of the North Sea.


From Belgium, are you some 3 hours already Dokkum, where you take the ferry to Ameland . The distance from Antwerp ± 300 Km.


The island
Ameland is one of the Wadden Islands where it is very nice and quiet to stay. Certainly walkers and cyclists are definitely in their element here, while cars are excluded as much as possible. You will find kilometers of cycle paths or paved roads along the coast or through the dunes. Certainly the nature reserve "Oerd" is a must to drive through, which you finally end up to the observation deck on the east side of the island. Here you have a wonderful view over the other islands, the Wadden Sea, the drilling platforms, etc. On the west side of the island lies the village of Hollum, where the lighthouse stands.


On the website of VVV Ameland you will find all necessary information for your stay on this island. For the ferry reservation is required, especially when you want to take the car. However, the cost of the crossing by car is very expensive.

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