Travelogue "Cruise 2003"
Venice-Bari-Katakolon Santorini Mykonos Rhodes Dubrovnik-Venice
May 26 to June 2, 2003

The insurance company Generali organized an eight-day seminar aboard the Costa Classica , during a cruise through the Mediterranean bound for the Greek islands. The reibureau Eagle Travel provided the necessary flights to and from Venice and the inschepingsdocumenten and off at the various ports of guides.


Day 1 - Saturday 26/05/2003: Brussels - Venice
In Zaventem airport, we get together with the other participants and leave it with a special charter flight to Venice . From the airport, a bus brings us to the dock where the Costa Classica docked. As we embark and we each get assigned our cabin, with all the luxuries such as a custom shower and toilet, satellite telephone, television with sailing and weather information, etc. You can therefore in your cabin on track using GPS on your TV where the ship right, at what speed, and see through the webcams on the front and back "live" the shipping movements. Das very useful, especially when you are in an inside cabin without porthole. 16h we get together for a welcome drink and informed us all the practical information. Also get a board-pass that you can pay in every shop, bar or other facility of the ship. This also applies if authentication when you go into the other ports and on board, because it uses since the attacks of 9/11 very strict safety regulations. Then we go to the Capri deck, the highest part of the ship, where all passengers gather to watch the departure. We sail always at night to another destination so at 18h, after three loud signals from the ship's horn, the mastodon starts to move slowly and sail a few minutes later through Venice over the magnificent St. Mark's Square with the Doge's Palace , the Basilica , the campanile and the clock dei Mori. Once outside the lagoon begins to make the boat speed and we steam towards Bari . After an exploratory walk through the ship, we are at 21h welcome to our reserved table in the restaurant Tivoli. Here we will be treated every evening during the entire cruise are on cullinaire delights, based on different ports we visit. After the meal we walk past the information desk of Eagle Travel and look what's tomorrow on the program. The next few days will continue their supervisors contact us and provide all necessary information you can here every night for planning the next day. Then on deck a bit and get some fresh zeeneus and we literally dive into our cage.


Day 2 - Monday 27/05/2003: Bari
We enjoyed a wonderful night's sleep. Against all odds, you feel nothing at this moment. Not even a single movement or seesaw. Obviously this is due to the stabilizers, ballast and high speed, but it is amazing how quiet the Costa Classica defies the waves. After breakfast we take a look at the various decks. In the gym are already several couples on their fitness progress, while others enjoy a relaxing sauna, jacuzzi or a refreshing swim in one of the pools. Of leisure activities is certainly no shortage. Around noon, the port of Bari in sight and makes everyone getting ready to disembark. Once the ship docked, we go together in groups to explore the historic center of the southern Italian town, with its narrow streets, squares and churches. Here we also find the Basilica of St. Nicholas on the remains of be St. Nicholas , Bishop of Myra , whose birthday (December 6) on December 5 in include the Low Countries is celebrated, preserved. St. Nicholas is also the patron saint of the city. Then we wander around a bit in the streets of the modern city center and along the seafront. In the late afternoon we return to the ship, which promptly at 18h departure. On the aft deck is still parroted group on this first port visit, while the city disappears on the horizon. In our cabin we refresh us here and get ready for dinner. After the meal we walk through the shops where taxvrij can be shopped and then quietly nestle us in one of the bars for a chat. While the ship steadily opstoomd towards Greece, we walk we later in the evening, stop by the information desk to see the program of the next day and go to our cabin.


Day 3 - Monday 28/05/2003: Katakolon
While we are still here quietly after breakfast to enjoy the view of how the ship voortbeweegd by the waves, suddenly sounding the alarm signals through the intercom " abandon ship ". Fortunately it but here is an exercise that takes place every run to make just the passengers what to do in such situation. Yet should anyone as specified in the rules are given in each cabin, traveling to his or her declared rallying in possession of the jacket lying in the cabins for everyone. Once everyone appeared to be gathering, it checks the attendance on the passenger list and the exercise becomes a bit clearer. All this was for most previously an attraction or for others a moment of panic, it is still necessary to know what should be done in such cases. You never know. After the exercise brought all their life jackets back to the cabins, while violent parroted was this experience. By noon inform the ship to Katakolon , harbor (old) Olympia . By bus we drive to the archaeological site, where they have been asking the remnants of this city where the first (Olympic) games were held in honor of Zeus, god of all Greeks in 776 BC. Years later moved to this Athens, but to date the Olympic flame is still ignited here to be subsequently brought to the place where the play take place. After this visit we continue our trip and drive to the Mercouri farm , a huge sprawling vineyard and winery. Here, everyone is treated to a tasting of wines accompanied by vernacular cheeses and breads. After a while, there are some already in a "drunken" state, even though the warm weather and bright sunshine here will also have contributed. It is quiet avenue time to return to the ship, as always at 18h departure. While the ship leaves port are already sunning many passengers or stay in the pools. There rest of us plenty of time before we have to go to dinner. Later in the evening we take a look what's tomorrow on the program, visit the casino or lounging in one of the many lounges. Meanwhile, the momentum Costa Classica gestaagt to its next destination.


Day 4 - Thursday 29/05/2003: Santorini - Mykonos
At 8am the ship is already in the bay of the island of Santorini (or Thera). Because here no one berth is large enough to build, using small boats is the only way to go ashore. Dozens of boats sailing back and forth to bring the passengers to the fishing port, where either the traditional mules through the steep steps to the ancient village of Thira on top of the ridge can drive, or take advantage of the new cable car. The Greek island in the Aegean Sea belonging to the archipelago of Cyclades . It lies north of Crete, south of Naxos and Paros, and actually consists of three islands (Thira, Thirasia and Aspronisi) arising during eruptions of the volcano in the middle of the islands. This created a ring-shaped archipelago. 13h to move the ship heading towards Mykonos . In the meantime, we organize lots of activities by the crew, including water and party games, aerobic dancing, etc. Of course, one can also opt for the Internet café, library, cinema or theather. Plenty of entertainment options. Around 17h we moor at Mykonos , a relatively small Greek island in the Aegean Sea, located between Tinos, Siros, Paros and Naxos, has about 6,200 inhabitants and covers an area of 86 km 2. A shuttle takes passengers to the small, lively and vibrant city with plenty of bars, shops, streets and bright white houses. With its bright light contrasts owns the island sculptural beauty that is so characteristic of all the Cyclades . The island consists mainly of granite, is hilly and mostly dry and bare. On a small scale is still done to agriculture and fisheries. On Mikonos water has always been in short supply, and therefore, the houses have is, even more than to catch on other islands, the typical flat roofs, with the intention as much as possible rain water. Around 22h, while we already sit to dine at our table, the boat leaves for the island of Rhodes . Tonight it is "Captain's Evening" and invited all passengers to sound along with the captain to a safe journey. Neatly dressed, we are presented together in the main hall and the officers are after dinner, then everyone together raising a glass and toast with the words: Salute!


Day 5 - Friday 30/05/2003: Rhodes
Around 8am the coming Costa Classica to Rhodes , the capital of the eponymous island. Entering the relatively small port requires a lot of driving skills and is already a spectacle in itself. Once docked we get on the bus and drive to the upper part of the city which also includes the Acropolis located. Moments later we drive downtown and visit there the city castle, a well preserved monument of antiquity. Through the narrow streets we walk to the very tourist area with numerous shops and cafes. From here you also have a nice view of the harbor where our ship is set to sparkle. Also on the remaining columns at the harbor entrance of the Colossus of Rhodes , one of the seven wonders of the ancient klasieke. The Greek word is "Kolossos" our word "behemoth" is derived from this. The Rhodes Colossus was a huge image that would have been going according to stories about the entrance to the harbor, where the ships would have sailed under. By the afternoon bus ride inland to Lardos Beach , where we are offered an afternoon lunch. After dinner we can stay here a few hours on the beach and take a dip in the azure sea. The bus takes us back to the port, where we board the ship and at 18h leave the port with destination Dubrovnik .


Day 6 - Sat 31/05/2003: Day at sea
Because of the great distance to overcome the ship, today we can fully enjoy all that the Costa Classica has to offer. After breakfast we can even explore every corner of the ship. Ranging from tennis courts to a chapel or operating theater, everything is in this type of cruise available. Of course you should only in the toegangkelijke areas, as for example the engine room or the bridge since the 9/11 attacks trespassing. The course which the ship is often between small islands, so occasionally it is still something to see. The main thing is that the sun of the party and we can fully enjoy the sun deck and swimming pools. The day flies by. Tonight, the company offers Generali a cocktail in the disco Galileo, the top deck of the ship. The captain has been invited and be with him the ladies of the group as well as some deserving people put in the spotlight. Really cool. Afterwards, we sit down for a full gala dinner. This is a taste of true luxury.


Day 7 - Sun 01/06/2003: Dubrovnik
At 8am the ship is in a cove off the coast of the city of Dubrovnik . Again construct not possible here and should be used even the lifeboats to bring the passengers to the port. Of course that in itself is no problem, because they are just motoryachts and so the engines can still take a good warm up and serve the lifting equipment, which is always better than a regular monthly test. Once ashore, it is a really extraordinarily beautiful ancient city we enter. Small streets, beautiful cobbled squares, terraces and shops. The damage was done here during the Croatian war of independence which prevailed here a few years back, nothing to notice more and everything restored back to its original state. It was as if we expected here, because the village, filled with passengers of the ship are treated to a performance by the local brass band and majorettes. A nicer welcome we could not imagine. The visit to the city, however, does not last long, because at 13pm put the Costa Classica sail for her home port Venice. We sail still an all time along the Croatian coast and what is really striking is that the church bells ring and wish us a safe journey. A nice gesture. Once we passed the group of islands that lie off the coast, making the ship and quiet avenue time to pack our suitcases. Tonight a farewell dinner at the Tivoli restaurant, where we crews handing even served us every day an extra tip, and after the cruise, there is low. At bedtime, the luggage put in the hallway and brought down by the crew during the night. One more time we sleep in a cage ...


Day 8 - Saturday 02/06/2003: Venice - Brussels
At 8 am sailing the Costa Classica stately through Venice , again along include St. Mark's Square. In its dock, they will dock and meanwhile our group gathered in the parlor Puccini to take the ontschepingsformaliteiten. At 11 am we disembark and move to a Venetian ship taxi to take us to St. Mark's Square, to visit the city. Really not much time remaining to us to visit all the buildings, but a walk through the historic center, with some stops and explanations of important buildings has been more than adequate. After a quick lunch at one of the Venetian terraces, we take the tram we boat and we head back towards Piazza San Marco. A moment later a Venetian taxi ship in which the whole group through the lagoon cruise to the airport. Our charter bound for Brussels leaves at 18pm. Another unique travel experience ...