Travelogue "Cruise 2012"
12 day voyage Norway
June 23 to July 4, 2012


MSC Cruises
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The Hanseatic city of Hamburg is the largest city after Berlin in Germany and at our best known as a port. It is a remarkably green city with many modern architecture but also beautiful historical buildings. Hamburg has a striking green heart where the Elbe, Alster and Bille flow. A cruise is an ideal way to see the city, the rivers and two lakes in a quiet way to explore. The best time to go is against the dusk, when the sun disappears and the backlight comes on. Since the seventies of the last century, the Reeperbahn famous and infamous. This entertainment center in the district of St. Pauli can compete with the Red Light District. But besides striptease clubs and prostitution are also excellent theaters, such as the St. Pauli Theater and the Schmidts Tivoli. A walk through the heart of Hamburg is an experience.


At the foot of Storfjord ("storf" is Norwegian for large) is Alesund. This town has a special history. In 1904 a fire broke out which destroyed almost the entire city. In the time Alesund was rebuilt, the German Jugendstil a popular movement. Throughout the city you will find the Art Nouveau style in the architecture. A good example is the city church Alesunde Kirke. Alesund You should enjoy the local specialties. One is Klippfisk - a dried and salted fish. Also found in the city many small stalls where they Svele sales - which are small pancakes that are very much akin to the French crêpes. For people who are looking for adventure, there is the possibility to Mount Aksla to climb. A staircase with 418 steps you can reach the top of the mountain. From there you have a beautiful view over the city.


Honningsvag is the gateway to the North Cape, which is only 34 km away from this destination. Honningsvag is a fishing village with 4000 inhabitants and the capital of the island Maeroya. Here the fish is salted, dried, frozen and processed into flour. In the town you can visit the Nordkapp Lokalmuseum. The North Cape is the northernmost point of Europe in the 16th century by the Englishman Richard Chance Modeller. The toll road to the North Cape is bizarre and gives a good impression of the harsh polar region. The road is narrow and winding and goes along deep ravines.


Tromso is a bustling city. For the holidaymaker there is plenty to see but certainly plenty to do. Tromso has always been one of the last major ports in Norway. In the past Tromso thé port of choice for expeditions to the North Pole. The area of Tromso consists of forests, mountains and snowy peaks. In this city of 64,000 inhabitants are the major attractions one Arctic Cathedral, this is a special church with glass mosaics, Polstjerna, an old wooden ship from 1949, Fjellheisen, a funicular to the mountain Storsteinen.


Molde is after German bombing in 1940, rebuilt in modern style. It calls itself pink city because, by the sheltered location, many roses grow. Around the wooded islets, many water sports can be practiced. The most attractive of the city overlooking the snowy peaks of the 87 Sunnmore on the other side of the water. Furthermore Molde interesting because of the attractions nearby.


Andalsnes llocated on the Romsdalsfjord. A trip around the fjord is a must. Between Andalsnes and Dombas the railway Raumabanen constructed. This railway runs through a beautiful area. The train ride is an attraction in itself. Andalsnes attractions are climbing museum that shows the history of mountaineering in Norway and the Rodven Stave Church, a church with a nave and south porch from the 13th century.


The Geirangerfjord, which you walk through the old Viking Harbour Hellesylt achieved is the most spectacular fjord. The longest fjord in Norway, the Sognefjord, the 'King of the fjords ", hides the beautiful village of Flam, also the terminus of a train that crosses the fjord landscape.


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