Travelogue "Cruise 2014"
19-day trip from Venice to Dubai
November 25 to December 13, 2014


MSC Cruises
A harmonious blend of typical Italian ambiance of
MSC Cruises and pioneering design, which has always been the main tone: all the ships of the Orchestra class form a spectacular backdrop for your dream vacation. The elegant modern decor and the best hospitality create an atmosphere that simultaneously cosmopolitan and intimate. With the many recreational, leisure and dining facilities on board, you have all the elements you need for a holiday that will catch the perfect chord.


The cruise ship departs in the ultramodern port of Venice. May be done include going aboard another boat to the island of Murano ( with its famous glass blowers ) or to accompany him on an excursion to Venice itself. Alight us With fantastic benefits for sights we regale you with the best that this city has to offer. Thanks to a tour you will understand how this enchanting city survives , despite the fact that it was built on a series of wooden poles, and despite the waters of the Adriatic Sea that flows beneath the city. Venice, world famous for its canals and bridges , is truly stunning with its disorderly palette of palaces, churches and colorful, narrow streets of the main attractions, St Mark's Square and the Doge's Palace, are world famous and must not be missing from the program. A nice way to spend the day is a combination of a gondola ride and a walk. A ride in a gondola is a must. In this way your boat guide reveals the secrets and history of the way the Venetian calli (streets). You will find many beautiful souvenirs in Venice. But the most precious and lasting gift has to be your impression of the city itself !

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Bari is considered the second most important city in Southern Italy, and is located in the "heel" of the boot that is Italy. The city is known for its beaches, old town and great food. Bari is gaining increasing popularity as a holiday destination. This is both the administrative and commercial capital of Puglia as a bustling university town. Bari offers visitors numerous activities and a fun day away from the ship for everyone, from families to couples who are looking for a magical and romantic setting. Very special is the remarkable 12th-century basilica dedicated to the patron saint of the city, St. Nicholas. Bari is one of the secret gems of Italy and an essential destination during this cruise!

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The cruise ship will dock in the port of Piraeus, which is connected with Athens, capital of Greece. Athens is dominated by the Acropolis, the mesa which adorned the Parthenon, one of the most famous classical monuments in the world. Athens has always breathed a unique charm. The lively character of the city attracts thousands of visitors every year. Street markets, taverns in the shade of grapevines, souvenir stalls and ancient monuments make Athens a unique holiday destination. Leave Piraeus and take a short bus to the city center, the starting point of the tour. A tour of the historical sites here is a must. Admire the ancient temples of old Cape Sounion. Whoever wants to do something quieter then through Athens to enjoy our panoramic tour of the most beautiful sights and take pictures from the comfort of his coach, including a stop not to miss the brand new Acropolis Museum.

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The legendary city of Heraklion on the Greek island of Crete is steeped in history. Crete has been inhabited for over 10,000 years and plays an important role in Greek mythology. The island had a major impact on the evolution of the Hellenistic civilization. We certainly recommend the visit and the ruins of the Minoan palace of Knossos, which would be a staggering 3,700 years old and the original labyrinth of the Minotaur could accommodate. A highlight is the excellent Archaeological Museum, one of the best in Greece. Visitors will find a fascinating mix of architectural styles in both Heraklion and the surrounding towns, ranging from Byzantine to Moorish. Under the hot Greek sun, stroll through the beautiful streets of towns like Rethymnon or Fodele, the birthplace of the legendary 16th - century painter El Greco. 14 km from Heraklion the newly opened Aquarium of Crete. Lies Find kids with modern entertainment some variety with the old sights.

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Rhodes is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea, about 18 kilometers southwest of Turkey. The capital, also known as Rhodes or Rodos, is an ancient walled city that still bears the traces of many different civilizations who have stayed here. More than 4,500 years of Minoan, Greek, Roman, Persian, Arabic, Turkish and Italian culture mingle in Rhodes a fascinating cocktail of history and art, but also fun, delicacies and stunning scenery. Rhodes welcomes visitors with sun, a bright blue sky and the scent of flowers and the island of the Sun Gods. Myths tell us how Helios discovered the island. He chose as his bride and showered it with " the gifts of light and abundance. Rhodes is accustomed to receiving many guests because the island was conquered, plundered, strengthened and colonized by peoples who were praised its beauty and strategic location. You can choose from different panoramic tours of Rhodes or to nearby Lindos, Kamiros to the old town or the archaeological site of Filerimo.

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The Suez Canal (Qana el Suweis) is a 163 km long canal in the Isthmus of Suez in Egypt, opened in 1869. It connects Port Said (Bur Sa `id) to the Mediterranean Sea and Suez on the Red Sea and bordering the Sinai Peninsula, which lies to the east. It is also the separation between Africa and Asia. The canal has no locks because no height need to be overcome and the two oceans have the same level. The channel consists of a northern and a southern part which are connected together. The Bitter Lakes There are several passing opportunities and moorings. Undertake each year about 15,000 vessels eleven to sixteen hour trip through the Suez Canal. In 2000 was about 14 % of the total tonnage of the world's shipping. The importance of the channel is very large. Ships between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean had before to sail around the continent of Africa, around the Cape of Good Hope. Since the Suez Canal exists is no longer required, except when the canal was closed; the longest period that was the case was from 1967 to 1975.

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Aqaba is the only port and seaside resort in Jordan is situated at the northern tip of the Gulf of Aqaba, an offshoot of the Red Sea. The sandy beaches and coral reefs near Aqaba are among the most pristine of all the Red Sea and Jordan is making great efforts to keep well. In the future Although Aqaba fairly unknown to us in Western Europe, there are still many relics from the distant past to find. But also more modern attractions including the oldest church in the world, the ruins of the ancient city of Ayla, Aqaba Fort, the Archaeological Museum of Aqaba, the Aqaba Marine Park. A must is a trip to Petra, one of the seven wonders of the world. Petra is the former capital of the Nabataeans, an Arab desert nation that the caravan routes in the Middle East and controlled to this huge fortunes on tolls deserved as it is at the crossroads of trade routes to Africa, Asia and Europe.

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Salalah is a coastal town in the extreme south of the province of Dhofar in the Sultanate of Oman. To meet the demand for a major transshipment accommodate one has started the construction of a major container port. Salalah know in the summer rainy season caused by the Indian monsoon. It is amazing to see how green the city is. On the outskirts are banana plantations, papaya trees and coconut palms. It is a popular destination for residents of Muscat during the hot summer months. It rains more in Salalah and the temperature is more pleasant. At the foot of the mountains, you also see that there are many restaurants and picnic areas are where people spend the summer evenings. The beaches are clean and there are to be admired. Magnificent rock formations Visit the souk is very nice. Here is a lot of incense sold and there is a lively trade in many kinds of spices. Also, a lot of clothes. The people are friendly and helpful. Many people from India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan find their office. Within a half hour drive from Salalah is the tomb of Job. we know from the Old Testament. Amazingly, people of every religion tomb come to visit here. The wife of the sultan was the story of Job is extraordinary and therefore decided to make this. Tomb a place of pilgrimage One sees both Christians, Muslims as well as Hindus.

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Muscat is the royal city of Oman. The port of Muscat was driving important in the 9th century, especially for ships en route to India. The port developed further, but had stiff competition from the ports of Sohar and Hormuz in Iran. In 1507 the Portuguese landed led by Vasco da Gama, for the first time in Muscat. They occupied the city in order to check. Trading in the Persian Gulf Until about 1650 it retained the Portuguese trading post in Oman. In defense of the natural harbor, they built on the higher part of the city's fortifications Al Mirani and Al Jalali. In 1650 they were expelled by the Yaruba dynasty under Sultan bin Saif I. From 1650 to 1808 Muscat was the seat of the sultans of this dynasty. By the end of the 19th century the town was walled with a 4.5 meter high wall. Since 1970, the city was modernized. With the proceeds from oil exports Port Sultan Qaboes became the main trading port in the country. Among the various attractions include Al Alam Palace (Palace of the Sultan ) , Sultan Qaboes Mosque, Royal Opera House Muscat, the city wall with gates al- Bab al- Kabir (Grand Gate), Bab al- Matha ' ib al- Bab as- Saghir (small port), and Bab al- Waldschat. the Muttrah Souk and Al Jalali Fort.

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The so-called "Creek of Two Jaws", better known as the seaside town of Khor al Fakkan on the Gulf of Oman. This area is located in the enclave of Sharjah, one of the seven United Arab Emirates. A city surrounded by the rugged landscape of Fujairah. Sights include the Corniche and Ladies' Parks, the busy central souk, the archaeological remains of a former settlement on a rock overlooking the port of Khor al Fakkan, Al Wurrayah waterfall in the nearby Wadi Wurrayah and special Rifaisa Dam, in whose clear water glimpses can still be captured by a recessed village.

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Dubai defines itself as an ultramodern city steeped in tradition on both sides of the coast and forms a natural creek at the edge of the Arabian Desert. You can enjoy a world within worlds. Ajman's famous museum and souk. Spend a relaxing visit to the city and enjoy a traditional Dhow at dinner, cross the desert, the golden dunes in a 4x4 jeep or relax in the natural pools at Hatta.

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