In August 2015 we stayed a week in Gästehaus Winneburger Hof in Ernst at the Mosel. This modern, fully customized
and attractively furnished apartment at about 5 Km from the town Cochem in the German Mosel valley.

The unique wine landscape with its versatile leisure and cultural offer guarantees you a relaxing and adventurous vacation at the same time. Its central location in the holiday region Eifel, Moselle and Hunsrück Ernst is an ideal starting point for free public transport cards for bus and train. Across the region Cochem you as an exciting day. Here you will find a wide range of shops, wine bars and restaurants, which no wish unfulfilled.

From Belgium, are you some 3 hours already in Ernst, which is a 5 km from Cochem. The distance is from Antwerp ± 330 Km.

The Moselle region
The Mosel region is best known for the Moselle wines harvested in the vineyards along the river slopes. During your stay you will discover these great wines and if you like, with the farmers who produce them. The wine villages goes there really 'gemütlich'. From early spring until late autumn there are wine festivals. And you are of course welcome.

We booked this accommodation trough Challenge Resorts & Travel, a travel agency specialized in renting of customized sites wheelchair users. You can find their website on various destinations and modes of travel. Highly recommended !
Watch the location of Gästehaus Winne Hof Ernst on the Mosel