Sonja has been a musician for several years in the Royal Harmony St. Hubert at Elewijt, simply called KHSHE. This association went on Wednesday, April 7, 2010 with 58 musicians and their partner to Treviglio in Italy and there, along with Corpo Musicale Città di Treviglio, gave two concerts.

Just over a year ago had one of the musicians suggest the administration and asked what they would find ways of friendship to do with Corpo Musicale Città di Treviglio. Lou and his brother, who lives and works over there, might can do that. There was plenty of interest among the musicians, so we are almost in full harmony with the bus could drive Treviglio.

A group of nearly one hundred people for a weekend move thousands of miles away, where creep organize the necessary hours. The musical special committee therefore called comité ‘T in life. These seven enthusiasts not only provided transport and accommodation, but also a nice program, with a visit to the nearby cities of Milan and Bergamo could not lacking. Before and after the music was (as usual) the bonds of friendship strengthened, even with the locals. On Monday April 12, 2010 the bus brought everyone back home again.

We drove themselves to there with our own car and subsequently stayed an extra day to Treviglio, and in Geneva, Switzerland, issue of combining this trip with visits to places we had not been.

Since it was a trip and everyone who participated in this trip took photographs and filmed, on our website can not be placed all media and we limit ourselves to our own photographs taken. Want anything from this trip in detail, read, watch, be sure to take a look at this link on the website of the harmony, where you can read the extensive travel and various photographs can watch this happen.