The weekend
Malle 2009 : at this annual event is in the evening in the lobby later parroted after several rehearsals about all you can think of. It was then that Lou Peetermans the idea suggested to share the harmony a "fraternity" to engage with the Italian sister association " Corpo Musicale Città di Treviglio ," the harmony from Treviglio, where his brother are now housed since 1966. The idea was brilliant, though most doubted whether it was feasible. we were able to travel there with enough musicians? Because let's be honest: if your association has nearly 70 members, you can pull hard with some 20 musicians to Italy, right? During the last rehearsal in Malle the idea was presented orally to the musicians and what nobody expected, even Lou not pledged nearly 50 musicians already at that time yours! A better start one could not imagine. You can imagine that such a "trip" is more a migration, especially when you realize that in addition to the musicians their instruments could also go their partner and / or family. Although provided a personal share in the costs in terms of transport and accommodation, for so go make music here in about 1000 kilometers from home carries a significant financial cost. Luckily enough sponsors have been found to reduce costs, so that eventually 58 musicians enrolled. Meanwhile, outside the board already has a committee composed T, responsible for everything that had to do with the event. Contacts with the organizers there, correspondence, arranging transportation and accommodation, etc. Lou was also arranged during the preparatory year a number of site visits and talked there with his brother the practical issues with the local authorities and managers, so that eventually with a perfect logistics plan could be traveled towards Treviglio ...


Why Treviglio?
Ludo Beckers, the brother of one of our musicians Lou Peetermans, has more than 40 years ago after his military service to get a job at the tractor factory in Treviglio SAME. He was technical sales representative for Benelux and Northern Europe, with the obligation that he continued to live in Treviglio. After a while he met there Pia Vitello, whom he married in 1971 and became a proud father of two daughters and three grandchildren later. A few years later he went to work with his Italian brother to set up gradually on a self-employed business in the export of all kinds of machinery for meat processing and meat trading. For several years his company, " L.Beckers Italy SRL ", based in Treviglio, become a real trading company, with import and export everything to do with the hospitality industry has.
Lou and his wife Ria make for years the habit to insert a family visit during their various holidays in Italy and learned thus have many friends and acquaintances of Ludo, some of which have some political influence. As it was possible in 1985
Jins Elewijt into contact with the scouts and guides from Treviglio. The year after it came to a real jamboree between the Scouts Elewijt and Treviglio in their summer camp in Bütgenbach. This organization was next brother, concerned Ludo also Girgio Zordan well as the current responsible for Alpini di Treviglio , Grazziano Bell Agente. Both are also former mayors of Treviglio and with Ludo the motive for our cultural exchange. They brought Lou into contact with Jack Rozzoni, president of Corpo Musicale Città di Treviglio , as well as their conductor, Maestro Paolo Belloli. All these persons, in particular the administration of the city of Treviglio, the encounter was between the two music groups and staying in Italy a fact.

The town of Treviglio
Treviglio is a town in the northern Italian province of
Bergamo (region of Lombardy ). Today it is an important industrial and commercial center, located near a major railway junction (Milan-Bergamo-Venice). In terms of size and population (35,000 inhabitants) is to compare it with eg. Vilvoorde. The city has emerged as a Roman castrum, strategically located between the cities of Milan and Bergamo . Treviglio still has its old historic center where the oldest building dates from the 12th century, dominated by a cozy maze of streets full of shops, restaurants and cafes. The cityscape is mainly made by the Church of San Martino and the Basilica of Our Lady in Tears (Madonna delle Lacrime). Pleasant and cozy that evening and every weekend the city is kept free of traffic except for residents who obtain a pass. Therefore, always moving and enormously geflaneerd and walked by the residents, something not so common with us. Treviglio is also an educational center, with secondary schools and within a short time a brand new campus of the University of Bergamo.


Wednesday April 7: at 22 hours we leave with a decker to Italy and arrived Thursday afternoon to Boltiere, the village where we all moved our names in three hotels, although by the same owner. This location is about 8 kilometers from Treviglio. A number of people from the committee-T had already arrived this week, and had carried out the necessary planning and reservations, so everyone was assigned his room. Moreover, the outpost had also brought the "heavy instruments" for a bass tuba simply takes more space than a flute and that can not all in the luggage compartment of a bus. After a delicious dinner we could enjoy a terrace bathed in the warm spring sun, and then in the evening to hold a general rehearsal, so the planned pieces could still be refreshed here. Afterwards the joint supper, after which we have just visited the hotel bar, followed by a welcome night's sleep.

Friday, April 9: Today there is a day trip to Milan on the menu, where we visit with some expert local guides to include Piazza del Duome , the cathedral , the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele , La Scala , San Lorenzo , Castello Sforzesco , etc. Our bus drops us off near Piazza del Duomo and in groups we walk into a bright sun on a blue sky through the city. Most buildings are really worth visiting, even if the city does not immediately call touristy. In the afternoon we visit the Castello Sforzesco , an ancient fortress on the city's outskirts. The last thing we see is San Lorenzo and put us on the terrace, quietly waiting for the bus will pick us again. Tonight we are invited by the Agriturismo Tre Rovere in Treviglio, which our association offers a supper. Afterwards we drive back to the hotel, stay there a while at the bar and talk some more about the successful day out.

Saturday, April 10: In the morning we are invited to the headquarters of the BCC bank of Treviglio, one of the sponsors of this cultural exchange. We attach a brief guided tour of the city of Treviglio with the "Duomo di San Martino" and the "Madonna delle Lacrime" and are then expected at City Hall for an official welcome by the mayor and some councilors. After the applicable speeches and exchanging gifts mutually, our harmony invited to a luncheon at Parco Roccolo , and beautiful garden outside the city, where the Associazione Alpini di Treviglio start cooking for us. Also today is the gorgeous weather with bright sunshine, so there is during meals time for fun and entertainment, accompanied by several were singing. In the late afternoon we drive back to the city center and provide a kiosk appearance, a preview of tomorrow's concert. The market runs at the sound of the first notes immediately filled with audience, which performed the work really appreciates a grateful applause. Tonight there is a joint eetmaal provide Boltiere, followed by closing of eg limoncello or a delicious grappa. Lovely ...


Sunday, April 11: As if there was not enough culture in the last days, we're going this morning to visit the wonderful city of Bergamo , a jewel of the Middle Ages. Bergamo is close to Boltiere on a 20 min drive. A downpour seeks redemption drop literally in the water, but armed with a sturdy raincoat (or similar plastic alternative) attract those who want to have the ramparts to local attractions. After lunch then the event for which we traveled to Italy Gran Concerto of the two harmonies in the sports of Treviglio "Palazetto dello Sport Giacinto Facchetti." When the local harmony a concert passes are usually 1200 to 1500 attendees, so any chance for us for so concertise a large audience. In the presence of dignitaries and notables, including the Consul of Belgium in Milan, first playing the local harmony some majestic works, then it's our turn. Our conductor Kristof managed to edit some typical Italian songs for harmony, which is very popular with the audience. Apotheosis Kristof gets the honor to bring two works with both harmonies. As many as 120 musicians march "Concerto di Primavera", composed by the local maestro Paolo Belloli , and then the grotesque work "Pini di Roma", a piece that evolves into a crescendo and is a true valve. After the performance, both conductors are put in the spotlight, accompanied by a deafening and well-deserved applause. After the concert we were invited by the Corpo Musicale harmony in the Collegio Salesiano to Treviglio, a joint final meal, after which we musicians know a little better and exchange ideas. Around 22h we drive back to the hotel, because tomorrow morning we go back home, to the Belgian Elewijt. But not without first a last farewell drink at Marco, the local popular café in Boltiere. For some it will be a short night, though they can still get enough sleep on the bus back home during the long drive ...