Historical review

The band Mistral is born in the year 2000, as a result of the need of 'live' music in our region. Disco bars replace orchestras and only a few of those DJ's are able to enjoy people and fulfil their wishes. This we are trying to chance, with success. With the tree of us, myself (synth and vocal), Sonja (alt- and tenor sax) and Fons (tenor sax en vocal), we play a rich repertoire for all ages and every occasion. I started following education on the music academy from Borgerhout when I was 7 year old and played meanwhile with my organ on all kind of festivities and party’s. From within the local brass band was a temporary band made, called The Clementines. This group was made of 10 musicians and had a lot of success in the region. In this band I played the Hammond organ. When I was 16 I join the band The Willows with the saxophone and performed weekly, even until far into Holland. After my Army service I was asked to join The Sparrows, a 4 person counted band. With this band we had concerts weekly in and outside Belgium, like regular monthly performances in dancing’s and roadhouses, like the Blauwe Donau in the town Brasschaat. We decided to dive into the studio and recorded our first album. Even a "Night from The Sparrows" was organized, with guest preformance of famous singers from the showbisnis. Unfortunaly I had a car-accident on the age of 22, become completely paralyzed, and needed a wheelchair to live further. Because my hands are also paralyzed, I could play no more the organ. After different years of musical non-active, the electronic progress offered me a way to play the keyboard again. So it happened in 1990 that I join the band The Music Makers and start playing the keys again. Also my wife Sonja and friend Fons were part of this band. Internal brawls made after 8 years an end to the existence of this band, so it becomes very quiet in the musical land. However not for long, because after I bought new and modern equipment to perform better the recent music, musicians from former bands came to join me and we had concerts far out of our region borders. A new smaller band was born with the name... Mistral

In 2007 we decided to stop playing with this formation. It's better to stop while everything is going fine, instead otherwise. There where never discussion within the group, but after a few years not everyone was on the same level, so it was better to stop playing. We had a wonderful time and amused many people. This was the goal and with this memories in thoughts we thank everyone who asked us to play for them.