How it all started...


As a young child I played the songs that I heard on the radio or TV. On my first instrument, the melodica, I played the songs reasonable good, so my parents decided that an education in a musical school was a useful investment. At the age of 7 I started following lessons at the music academy of Borgerhout, where I learn to play the clarinet and the saxophone. The organ was also on of my favorites instruments. A second hand organ was bought, so I could practice daily at home. After a few years I could play this instrument very well, and was asked to perform on all kinds of party’s and festivities. A unique opportunity to learn some experience. Meanwhile I also played in the local brass band of Oppuurs, very useful to learn to play together with other musicians and listen to each other. Sonja was also a musician in this band, and after a while we learn to now each other and becomes a couple a few years later.

The local woman society was looking for an arranged (and cheap) band for their yearly reunion. So within the local brass band a few musicians decided to make a group that listen to the name "The Clementines". In this formation I played the organ and we were asked often to play in the region for similar parties

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This formation was transformed later into a show band and had even concerts in the surrounded countries. Unfortunaly most of the members had to fulfill there army duty, which causes the end of the existence of this band

A few months later my picture was again in the newspapers. Not because of a musical performance, but because I married Sonja. It was the first time in history of the village Oppuurs that two musicians became husband and wife. Naturally we where very proud to be a musical couple...

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After our marriage we are still very active in the musical business. At a moment we both where members of tree brass bands, which mend tree time in a week going to reverse. When we where asked to be a member of the board of these societies, it became a little too much. Since 2000 Sonja is only member from the magnificent society KHSHE and play there once in the week the saxophone. As for myself, I take care of things in the keyboard club of Antwerp.