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Here you will find more info and photo's about our region Klein-Brabant,
famous from the serie


Klein-Brabant makes together with the Rupelstreek and the Scheldeland a very beautiful touristic region. Here you can find the majestic Castle d’Ursel, the wonderful hunting house De Notelaer, the statistic Castle of Marnix de Sainte-Aldegonde in a corner of the old river Schelde, the regional museum De Zilverreiger of Weert, a lot of military history in the Fortess of Liezele and beautiful nature parks. A lot of culture in the Provinciaal Museum Emile Verhaeren and the Molenmuseum.

Klein-Brabant includes the regional villages Bornem, Hingene, Weert, Mariekerke, Branst, Buitenland, Eikevliet, Wintam, Puurs, Breendonk, Liezele, Ruisbroek, Kalfort, Sint-Amands, Lippelo and Oppuurs.

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