At the start of 2008 the region Klein-Brabant is become a very touristic resort for people who like to ride or walk
along the very long dikes and enjoy the nature of the area called "Stille Waters".

Even the ferry's are renovated, new boats are bought and the old wharfs are replaced with floating wharfs
to make it easier to go aboard the ferry's.

Only the wharfs on the left shore of the river Schelde are still not renewed and unaccessible for people in wheelchairs.

For this I wrote many letters to the responsible people and governments, but at the start of 2008 the situation stay the same as before.
The regional TV-station had knowledge of this situation and made a interview with me about this problem.
Also the newspapers wrote about this subject and can be wrote on this page

This interview was broadcasted in the news of 23 December 2007.